FLEXIBLE DIETING INSTITUTE Research Reviews – 79: The Science of Weight Loss Drugs II

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Joe Klemczewski, PhD, founder of The Diet Doc, LLC, began teaching macronutrient tracking as a diet method more than 25 years ago to give his clients the flexibility to eat the foods they like without restrictive, harmful dieting practices. Writing for top fitness magazines and coaching the world’s best physique competitors, Joe’s version of tracking macros spawned an entire industry shift and became known as Flexible Dieting. Known as the Godfather of Flexible Dieting, Klemczewski has spent much of the last two decades certifying, licensing, and training nutrition coaches around the world. The Flexible Dieting Institute is a project to define and teach the methods that have given millions of people fat-loss and food freedom. As a coach, a client, or a health-minded person who loves food, we welcome you to join the movement!


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The Diet Doc, LLC, is the parent company to many health, fitness, nutrition, and behavioral projects. Founded 25 years ago by Joe Klemczewski, PhD, The Diet Doc is equipping the next generation of nutrition coaches. Joe has created the Flexible Dieting Institute, the Flexible Dieting Podcast, the Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind, the Life Mastery Podcast, Contest Prep University and the Mind-Muscle Connection. Whether you’re listening to a podcast or interview as a life transformation client, a physique sport competitor, a performance athlete, a fitness entrepreneur, or just need some life motivation, Joe won’t disappoint!

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