The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dance, From Popping and Locking to TikToking


As the music and culture of hip-hop evolved over the years, it brought forth new forms of dance. In the 2000s, the most notable additions to the hip-hop dance genre have been krumping, turfing, and jookin.

Krumping is a freestyle form of hip-hop dance that consists of jerky, fast movements that present in a strong and powerful, yet aggressive, manner. It emerged in Los Angeles with Tommy the Clown and his crew. This form of dance was introduced as a way for individuals to release frustration and anger from their bodies in a nonviolent way. This dance form was made popular in large part to the feature film “Rize”.

Turfing came out of Oakland and combined waving, gliding, and floor moves to create this new dance style. Turfing stands for “taking up room on the floor.” Jeriel Bey created the term in 2006 and organized the first turfing crew from West Oakland, the Architeckz.

Lastly, jookin emerged in Memphis, TN, and is a combination of footwork and gliding. Lil Buck helped popularize this genre of dance by performing in music videos such as Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope,” for which he received an MTV Video Music Award Best Choreography nomination.

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