Cheat Meals – Yes or No?

Weight Loss Meals
Should you have cheat meals or cheat days when trying to lose weight?

This is a pretty delicate topic but it’s very common for people to be disciplined all week and then blow it all off on the weekend. In one day, you can literally destroy something you were building all week – cuz it honestly doesn’t take very much to wreck your liver or your hormones.

There’s a reason why you see people stay stagnant and never hit their goals. And it’s often cuz they let the wheels come off during the weekends.

For most people, you can’t get 100%of the results by only doing 80% of the work. Sure, it’s important to celebrate milestones, but just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean a boozy brunch with shitty food won’t affect the progress you made all week.

If you believe in cheat meals or cheat days, that’s totally fine, just get ready for a long road ahead. Sorry

It’s called a lifestyle change and identity shift for a reason

Let me know what you think and leave a comment.

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