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“It always seems impossible until it’s done,” the age-old adage rings true for athletes around the world. But what they rarely talk about is the epic journey that leads them from the realm of the impossible to the pinnacle of achievement. It’s a journey etched with relentless determination, endless training hours and an unwavering commitment – a journey marked by blood, sweat and tears, shaping the careers of athletes into greatness.

Every athlete boasts a unique story, a personal measure of success and a distinct blend of grit. Yet, amidst these diverse tales, there is a common thread that binds them all together – the extraordinary journey to compete. It is within this journey that they strive to conquer, to exceed and to emerge as the epitome of athletic brilliance.

The epitome of triumph

Enter Under Armour Marathon Runner, Sharon Lokedi, the epitome of triumph, whose soaring victory in the 2022 New York Marathon broke records with an awe-inspiring time of 2:23:23. In a nail-biting finish, she outpaced Lonah Chemtai Salpeter of Israel (2:23:30) and reigning world champion Gotytom Gebreslase of Ethiopia by mere seconds. It’s worth noting that Lokedi and her partner, Under Armour, entered the race as underdogs, defying the odds to secure their place in the prestigious realm of marathon champions. On that unforgettable day, Lokedi not only etched her name in history but defined her very own journey!

Beyond raw athleticism and tangible success, an athlete’s ‘Journey To Compete’ is an emotional voyage – a profound connection between heart and soul. It embodies countless hours of training, endless sacrifices and an unwavering determination to achieve greatness. Each step taken by an Under Armour athlete, each obstacle faced head-on and every victory celebrated carries a wave of emotion.

Achieve the impossible

Journey To Compete stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Athletes navigate through euphoric highs and heart-wrenching lows, experiencing elation, frustration, hope, happiness, excitement and perseverance. It’s an emotional athletic rollercoaster, fuelling the passion and dedication needed to surmount obstacles and attain the pinnacle of accomplishment – all while clad in the cutting-edge sportswear from the Journey to Compete collection. From professional swimmers to rugby players and footballers, the underlying purpose and drive of each athlete remain the same – to be the best, to perform at their highest level, to be surrounded by greatness and to achieve the impossible.

Contrary to the media’s portrayal of overnight success stories, the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step and Under Armour takes pride in honouring each step – from the smallest victories to the grandest accolades.

Welcome to the Journey to Compete

Welcome to the captivating new collection, Journey to Compete, brought to you by Under Armour, a celebration and magnification of the essence of team sports and their relentless pursuit of triumph. Bursting with unity, this collection embodies the spirit of teamwork, unwavering perseverance and an undeniable hunger for victory. Each thread is carefully crafted, every fabric meticulously chosen – a tribute to the efforts that carve their paths to success.

The essence of the new collection

This collection captures the heart and soul of every athlete, paying homage to those who have stood at their starting blocks waiting to break their current seasonal record; walked onto the pitch ready to sing their national anthem, or scored that winning goal on a worldwide stage. It is the athletes who breathe life into this collection, making it shine with brilliance.

The right support

Compiled of vibrant colours that ignite the spirit when worn, this is a collection where ‘compression doesn’t compromise’. With features such as hook and loop adjustability, the HeatGear® Armour High Sports Bra is designed with the ability to adjust on the body to customise support, ensuring you will be feeling comfortable and supported no matter the time, distance or training method. Boasting spacer pad front panels for a breathable compression fit and a grippy waistband that provides athletes with a non-slip fit, this collection is made with elite athletes in mind allowing them to feel secure and locked in when training and performing at their best.

Shop The ‘Journey To Compete’ Look

HeatGear® Armour High Printed Sports Bra
TriBase™ Reign 5 Training Shoes
Knockout Tank
UA Challenger Pro Printed Shorts
UA HeatGear® Long Shorts

Robyn Moodaly

As a proud face of the collection, Under Armour Athlete and Professional Footballer, Robyn Moodaly knows best when it comes to understanding and identifying the needs of sportswomen and recognizing the key elements of what to look for in an apparel collection.

“Personally, I look for specific qualities and features that enhance both my performance and comfort – on and off the field. In the Journey to Compete collection, I find that these requirements are fulfilled exceptionally well. Under Armour is known for its innovative apparel and this collection is no exception. When it comes to my needs, functionality and performance-enhancing features are important to me, especially when it comes to training. Flexibility and freedom of movement are things I like in my apparel as it allows me to perform at my best without any restrictions, all of which are met with this collection. Lastly, I value the collection’s attention to detail in design and aesthetics. Looking good and feeling confident in my sports gear really does have a positive impact on my mindset and overall performance,” she explains.

As the Banyana Banyana and JBW Football Club star takes to the field it’s no surprise she puts her trust in the Journey To Compete collection as it meets all the requirements of being a highly innovative and ground-breaking apparel wear – it’s a future game-changer for the whole athletic apparel industry.

As we take a bird’s eye view of the overall journey of one’s success story, it’s clear to see and understand how it transcends the final destination; it’s a celebration of all the moments in between that have paved the way to who and where these athletes are today.

Tried and tested

WH Features Editor Michelle October took the Journey To Compete collection for a spin – here’s how it went.

The HeatGear® Armour High Sports Bra

The gear has been thoughtfully created and perhaps none more so than the HeatGear® Armour High Sports Bra, with adjustable straps so you can really get the best fit for you. It also has a keyhole detail at the back that makes it easier to take off – something that’s notoriously difficult to do post-workout. After my workout, I found the bra surprisingly dry, which makes its moisture-wicking properties truly stand out. Plus, nothing moved while I was jumping around.

The UA Challenger Pro Printed Shorts

The bottoms came with a ribbed section that holds tight to your waist and won’t fall down during burpees and inchworms. I was really impressed by how well it held its own and how smooth it felt to workout in. Plus, the colours are just to die for, while still being really flattering to my shape.

The UA Knockout Tank

The UA Knockout tank is just that – a knockout when it comes to training. The material lies comfortably and is never in the way, thanks to the tailored fit. It also holds sweat really well, while the stylish black trim detail makes for a statement fit that feels good to wear. 

Journey To Compete. Game-Changing Women’s Gear. Never Give Up. Never Hold Back. Get the gear you need to do whatever it takes for your team.

Available in-store and online now. www.underarmour.co.za

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