21 Home Exercises for Rapid Fat Burn: Your 2-Week Weight Loss Journey Starts Today

Weight Loss Workout
Continuing on with our series of 2-week workout challenges, today’s workout is q belly fat workout perfect in burning the fat and toning the muscles in your core area.

This workout will melt away excess fat while working your muscles, leaving you with a beautifully defined and sculptured abs!

Good luck and be sure to stay motivated so you can complete this challenge and you can see results by the end of the challenge.

Let’s begin!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Cross Jump Jack
00:45 Squat And Kick
01:29 Rest
01:47 Split Jumps
02:11 Rest
02:29 Running In Place
02:51 Rest
03:09 Push Jumps
03:36 Rest
04:02 Leg Kicks
04:32 Rest
04:50 Side Leg Raise Left
05:38 Rest
05:56 Side Leg Raise Right
06:44 Rest
07:02 Side Lunge Windmill
07:35 Rest
07:53 Arm Reach Lunge
08:41 Rest
09:07 Walk Downs
11:09 Rest
11:27 V Up
12:08 Rest
12:26 Tricep Dip Kicks
13:05 Rest
13:23 Toe Touches
13:59 Rest
14:17 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
14:39 Rest
14:57 Swing Backs
15:35 Rest
15:53 Slow Mountain Climber
16:22 Rest
16:40 Single Leg Bridge Right
17:33 Rest
17:51 Single Leg Bridge Left
18:44 Rest
19:02 Side Plank Pulse Left
19:36 Rest
19:54 Side Plank Pulse Right
20:28 Rest
20:46 Russian Twist
21:10 Rest
21:28 Hand To Knee
22:37 Rest
22:55 Hip Dips

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