REVEALED: Planet Fitness’ Supercharge Sweat Is Heading To Fit Night Out! 


To get ready for the best workout party in the country, we’re showing you all the magic the trainers will be bringing to Fit Night Out. The Supercharge Sweat with Planet Fitness promises to be a high-energy routine that you’ve never tried before. “It’s a fun, engaging, non-stop, low impact, high energy, calorie-guzzling exercise to music class,” says Ceri Hannan, head of product at Planet Fitness. At this class, you can expect music-driven moves that’ll keep you pumped up all the way through. 

Why we’re loving Supercharge Sweat 

This class is made exactly for group classes, using the vibe from the crowd as fuel to go harder. “When it comes to ‘classes for the masses’ The Supercharge Sweat class is perfect,” explains Hannan. “Doable choreography is the name of the game, set to music from musical theatre to Michael Jackson!’” And this workout has pumped up the crowd the world over, from Iceland to India to Times Square. “For me, the magic is all about making the participants feel like the real rockstars,” says Hannan. Ready to rock?

What makes group classes so special 

It’ll hold you accountable 

Per a study in the Journal of Social Sciences, people gravitate towards the exercise behaviours of those around them. What that means? Working out in a group setting pushes you to work harder, since you’ll be with peers around you who are working hard, too. 

There’s strength in numbers 

When going it alone, you’re likely to stumble. But with a group supporting you, you’re more likely to push through and make it to the other side. Study after study shows that working out in group settings keeps you going for longer. 

You’ll have fun 

You’re more likely to be smiling your way through the workout, since you’re spending it in a group setting, with people around you. And Supercharge Sweat is going to be so much fun that you’ll forget how hard you’re working! 

You’ll stay motivated 

Last set of moves really getting to you? Being in a crowd setting pumps up your motivation – and positive vibes are infectious, permeating throughout the entire area, so everyone feels as good as the next person. 

At Fit Night Out, we’re bringing tons of workouts from different forms of movement that’ll challenge and inspire you on your journey. “The magic of group exercise is super special and seeing thousands of people all connecting and moving as one is priceless,” says Hannan. Want in? Get your tickets to Fit Night Out right here

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