14 Home Exercises To Speed Up Fat Burning and Lose Weight In 2 Weeks (higher reps)

Weight Loss Workout
Here is another quick and easy workout you should definitely try!

This is a full-body workout that will make you burn calories and lose weight fast results! These are all body-weight exercises so there’s no need to use any equipment or visit the gym. All the exercises included in this video are easy and doable, I’m sure you can all do it!

Of course these will require you to work your whole body from top to bottom and there are routines that will require a lot of effort but don’t worry if you can’t do it. You can take it easy at first and gradually increase your number as you go along the workout. That way you can guarantee that you’re doing it the right way–the safe and healthy way! Good luck and have fun exercising!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:24 Floor Taps
00:59 Rest
01:17 Forward Jump
02:11 Rest
02:29 Jumping Jacks
02:56 Rest
03:14 Lateral Steps
03:48 Rest
04:06 Lateral Arm Circles
04:35 Rest
04:53 Lateral Taps
05:20 Rest
05:38 Arm Reach Lunge
06:27 Rest
06:53 Slow Mountain Climber
07:26 Rest
07:44 Hip Dips
08:15 Rest
08:33 Leg Pulls
09:18 Rest
09:36 Plank Press Back
10:29 Rest
10:48 Push Ups
11:29 Rest
11:48 Side Plank Pulse Right
12:25 Rest
12:43 Side Plank Pulse Left
13:20 Rest
13:38 Single Leg Bridge Right
14:37 Rest
14:55 Single Leg Bridge Left

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