Weight Loss Workout
If you want to get in good shape and get fit at home then you need to know that you must exercise regularly everyday!

It doesn’t happen in 1-2 days as most people would wish.

It usually takes 2-4 weeks of consistent daily workout for you to start seeing changes in the mirror. And here’s where today’s workout comes into play.

This is a 2-week workout challenge you must do everyday to get fit, burn calories, burn fat and simply look better! Good luck and let’s begin the challenge!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:19 Torso Rotation
01:18 Torso Twists
01:50 Rest
02:08 High Knee Jacks
02:37 Rest
02:55 Leg Kicks
03:25 Rest
03:43 Reverse Lunges
04:25 Rest
04:51 Push Jumps
05:22 Rest
05:40 Punches
06:14 Rest
06:32 Prayer Pushes
07:24 Rest
07:50 Bridge
09:05 Rest
09:23 Donkey Kicks Left
10:10 Rest
10:28 Donkey Kicks Right
11:16 Rest
11:34 Fire Hydrant Left
12:22 Rest
12:40 Fire Hydrant Right
13:27 Rest
13:53 Downward Punches
14:47 Rest
15:05 Shoulder Shrug
16:20 Rest
16:38 Deadlifts
17:53 Rest
18:11 Running In Place
18:34 Rest
19:00 Bicycle Crunches
19:28 Rest
19:46 Plank
20:32 Rest
20:50 Plank Reaches
21:27 Rest
21:45 Cobra
22:59 Rest
23:17 Baby Pose

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