Weight Loss Workout
Doing high-intensity cardio exercises is one of the best ways to burn fat, lose weight, and improve metabolism. These exercises are a sure fire way to give you guaranteed results!

These at-home body weight exercises are done for 30 mins and if done on a regular basis, you’re sure to see results in a few short weeks!

Good luck everyone and make sure to workout everyday and eat a healthy diet. Let’s go!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Jumping Jacks
00:39 Body Extensions
01:07 Rest
01:25 Lunges
02:19 Rest
02:37 Side Lunge Left
03:34 Rest
03:52 Side Lunge Right
04:50 Rest
05:08 Squat
06:14 Rest
06:32 Push Jumps
06:59 Rest
07:17 Punches
07:46 Rest
08:04 Prayer Pushes
08:47 Rest
09:05 Chest Fly
09:53 Rest
10:19 Super Mans
10:57 Rest
11:15 Snow Angels
11:53 Rest
12:11 Push Ups
12:49 Rest
13:07 Tricep Dip Kicks
13:47 Rest
14:05 U Boat Crunch
14:36 Rest
14:54 V Up
15:34 Rest
16:00 Jumping Jacks
16:23 Body Extensions
16:50 Rest
17:08 Lunges
18:02 Rest
18:20 Side Lunge Left
19:17 Rest
19:35 Side Lunge Right
20:33 Rest
20:51 Squat
21:57 Rest
22:15 Push Jumps
22:42 Rest
23:00 Punches
23:29 Rest
23:47 Prayer Pushes
24:30 Rest
24:48 Chest Fly
25:36 Rest
26:02 Super Mans
26:40 Rest
26:58 Snow Angels
27:36 Rest
27:54 Push Ups
28:32 Rest
28:50 Tricep Dip Kicks
29:30 Rest
29:48 U Boat Crunch
30:19 Rest
30:37 V Up

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