Weight Loss Workout
By doing this 2-week shred workout you can work your way to a slimmer and fitter body!

In just 2 weeks, you need to commit yourself to this workout plan and see the result! It’s a full-body workout that just uses your body weight so there’s no need for you to use any gym equipment. You can do this anywhere at anytime you feel convenient.

Good luck in doing this workout! Stay focused and disciplined for the next two weeks so we can finish this challenge together. Remember, no pain, no gain! Let’s get started!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:15 Cross Jump Jack
01:05 Rest
01:32 Arm Reach Lunge
02:25 Rest
02:52 Knee Drive
03:40 Rest
04:07 Squat Arm Lifts
04:57 Rest
05:24 Cross Jump Jack
06:14 Rest
06:41 Arm Reach Lunge
07:34 Rest
08:01 Knee Drive
08:49 Rest
09:16 Squat Arm Lifts
10:06 Rest
10:53 Butt Kicks
11:42 Rest
12:09 Curtsy Lunge
12:58 Rest
13:26 Forward Jump
14:14 Rest
14:41 Oblique Twist Squat
15:29 Rest
15:56 Butt Kicks
16:45 Rest
17:12 Curtsy Lunge
18:01 Rest
18:28 Forward Jump
19:17 Rest
19:44 Oblique Twist Squat
20:32 Rest
21:19 Cross Jump Jack
22:09 Rest
22:36 Arm Reach Lunge
23:29 Rest
23:56 Knee Drive
24:44 Rest
25:11 Squat Arm Lifts
26:01 Rest
26:28 Butt Kicks
27:16 Rest
27:43 Curtsy Lunge
28:33 Rest
29:00 Forward Jump
29:49 Rest
30:16 Oblique Twist Squat

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