I Followed David Goggins’ PRE NAVY SEAL Weight Loss Routine

Weight Loss Workout
In this week’s video, I followed David Goggins’ INTENSE PRE NAVY SEAL Weight Loss routine that he used to lose 100 pounds in 3 months!

Like many fitness tests, such as the navy seals workout, us army workout, or any special forces military training, it is INTENSE. David Goggins is an absolute animal as he at one point or may even still hold the world record for the most pull ups done in a single day. In many David Goggins interviews, he talks about how when we think we are exhausted, we are actually only 40% done so we all have that extra 60% in us but it is a matter of establishing that NAVY SEAL level of will power to push through.

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Let’s keep getting better together and keep on grinding!

– J
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