My weight loss workout routine 40 pounds In 3 months ???!

Weight Loss Workout
DISCLAIMER!!! PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT THAT CARDIO IS BAD BEFORE WEIGHTS THIS VIDEO WAS FILMED MONTHS AGO AND I HAVE GAINED MORE KNOWLEDGE SINCE THEN AND NO LONGER DO CARDIO BEFORE WEIGHTS! I am NOT an expert , this is just what I’ve done to lose weight in a short period of time in addition to healthy eating! You can change this workout to work for you and your level of fitness as well (add weight , lower weight, take out some workouts , etc.) I hope this helps! I’m excited to include y’all on this fitness journey I’m on! Good luck and thanks for watching. ❤️

How many times a week did I do this ?
A: 4-5

What did I eat?
A: I ate no carbs for the first month and then after that
I ate very little. smoothies and salads mostly.

Starting weight: 165

-W O R K O U T S-
1. Elliptical : cross ramp (17) resistance (5) 30 min/hour
2. Squat rack: (25 pound plates) 5 sets of 10
3. Treadmill jog/run: (Incline 0 speed 6) 5-10 minutes
4. Treadmill walk: (incline 15 speed 2.6) 5 minutes
5. Deadlifts: (50 pound weight) 5 sets of 10
6. Jump squats: (ten pound weights) 5 sets of 10
7. Side squats across floor
8. Jump squat: 5 sets of 10
9. Ab set (8×3) repeat 3-4 times
10. Glute bridges: 30 to 40
11. Lunges across floor: 10 pound weights or 50 pound weight
12. Leg press: two 45 plates on each side
13. Adductor: (40 pounds)
14. Leg extension: (40 pounds)
15. Stair master: 10 minutes

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Instagram: sjuanjee🌻

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