Waterproof, windproof, breathable, and incredibly lightweight – Introducing the Norvan SL Insulated Hoody from Arc’teryx.

When it comes to winter running, we’ve all heard the advice: Don’t underdress for the conditions, but don’t overheat, either. It’s the Goldilocks Principle of gear, usually solved by dressing in layers and stopping to adjust multiple times during a run. But what if one jacket could eliminate that hassle? At Arc’teryx, designers set out to create the lightest weight and most breathable waterproof and insulated jacket possible.

Maintaining comfort for optimal performance in cold and wet environments requires protection from all the elements – snow, rain, wind, and cold temperatures. But addressing one usually means sacrificing another. Often, insulated waterproof jackets sacrifice breathability and trap sweat inside, making the runner colder. More breathable jackets lose their ability to shield skin from the wind and cold. Warmth usually comes from dense fabrics that weigh a runner down.

The innovative new Norvan Superlight (SL) Insulated Hoody from Arc’teryx offers runners a lightweight, breathable, waterproof running jacket that works in every winter condition.

Instead of the thick face fabrics historically used for water- and wind-proofing, the Norvan SL uses the lightweight and breathable GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY. When water hits this innovative fabric, it simply beads up and rolls away. Unlike other waterproof face fabrics, which can absorb moisture and cause extra weight, the Norvan SL Insulated Hoody remains dry in rain and snow.

The breathability of the Norvan SL Insulated Hoody is enhanced by lightweight Coreloft Compact 40 insulation and a liner made of Dope Permeair 20, which allows excess heat to escape and manages moisture, keeping the runner just as dry on the skin surface as on the outside of the jacket. Specifically made for high-output running in cold and wet conditions, the entire jacket weighs in at a superlight 8.6 ounces that moves easily with the runner.

No longer do winter runners have to dress in layers or sacrifice one feature to get another. The lightweight, breathable and waterproof Arc’teryx Norvan SL Insulated Hoody is just right for tackling any winter run.

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post paid for by Arc’teryx. For more information and to purchase their new Norvan SL Insulated Hoody, go to 

The new Arc’teryx Norvan SL Insulated Hoody

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