Here’s Why Under Armour’s New Competition Has Us Beyond Excited!


Under Armour is on the hunt for SA’s most Hard Core. Their mission: to find a fitness trainer with great moves and the vibe to lead a fun, energetic fitness class. Up for grabs: All the gear you could want, plus the chance to be Core Trainer for a year. Sound intriguing? Here’s everything you need to know about this awesome competition.

Who can enter Under Armour Hard Core?

First up, you need to be a qualified fitness trainer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a personal trainer or a CrossFit coach, as long as you have the paperwork behind your name. You also currently need to be working in the fitness space. So that yoga teacher training you did as a student before launching your successful career as a chartered accountant won’t cut it. Soz. None of the above? You can still be part of the Under Armour Hard Core action as an audience judge (more on that later) but for now, tag your trainer and get them to enter! The competition is open to men and women.


Enter to win SA’s most Hard Core competition


How do you enter?

It’s actually so easy! Just go to the competition page and fill out the entry form. A note though: you’ll need to submit a scanned copy of your certificate or degree so now’s a good time to dig that out of whatever box or drawer you stashed it in! You’ll also need to submit a 10-minute bodyweight programme. Get creative… This is your chance to show Under Armour what you can do. Be careful to fill in the form correctly and in as much detail as possible. Only forms completed correctly will be considered for the next round. Entries close 25 November, but don’t wait until the last minute!


Enter to win SA’s most Hard Core competition


Okay, I entered. Now what?

If you make it to the next round, you’ll do a video interview with the Under Armour  judges. Based on the interviews, they’ll select regional semi-finalists who will compete in a live event in their region. This is where that audience judging comes in. Regional semi-finalists will lead a live audience in back-to-back workouts under the watchful eyes of the judges. The audience then votes for their favourite trainer and those votes will help the trainer decide which trainers will go through to the finals in Cape Town, where they’ll do it all again with a bigger crowd, and all the media fanfare.

What can I win?

The winner gets R30 000 worth of spoils from Under Armour! If that’s not enough, the winner will also get the chance to be an Under Armour Core Coach for a year. That means a full year of being endorsed by this awesome brand. And you’ll be in good company: Did you know they’re making the space suits for Virgin Galactic? And that The Rock is one of many celebs who collabs with them? This is one family you really want to join. Ready to win amazing prizes? Enter the Under Armour Hard Core competition today!

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