Ashley Graham Just Shared Her Butt and Cardio Workouts on YouTube, and I’m Taking Notes


Ashley Graham just launched a fitness YouTube series called “Thank Bod,” and the supermodel — who is expecting her first child with husband Justin Ervin — is starting things off with a bang: one glute workout and one cardio workout, both created by her trainer Kira Stokes. Each workout keeps things simple and effective with two circuits of exercise repeated three times through. For cardio, it’s modified jumping jacks, lateral shuffles, and back-and-forth jogging, followed by some ladder work. To hit her glutes, Ashley grabbed a booty band and did one circuit of squats and squat variations, followed by a circuit of clamshells and on-the-ground pulses.

As good as the moves are, it’s her attitude that has us writing “Relatable!” into the comment section. “This is a struggle face,” she says, pointing at her face in the middle of clamshells. “It’s OK, you can make them with me. My upper lip gets really tight sometimes.” (Honestly, yes. Sometimes I catch myself baring my teeth like a godd*mn werewolf during bicep curls.) Plus, we just love how she uses fitness as a way to feel strong and amazing about herself. Hence the name of the series: “Thank Bod,” aka thank your body for how awesome it is. We’re taking these workouts and that enthusiasm and injecting them into our fitness routine, right now. Keep reading to try out the circuits for yourself!

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