25-Minute Total Body Strength Training for Women (Burn Fat, Lean Up!)

Weight Loss Workout
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♥ Do this workout if you want to be strong, burn calories, look toned & lean, lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight!

Duration: 25 Mins (or 30 mins including warm-up & cool down).
Estimated Calories Burned: 230 – 270Cals.
Structure: 4 Supersets. 2 exercises per superset. Total of 8 exercises. Perform the 2 exercises back-to-back without any rest for a total of 3 sets.
Reps: 12 – 15 reps per exercise.
Rest Time: No more than 1 minute in between supersets.
Frequency: 2 – 3 times weekly on alternate days for best result.

Equipment: 2 pairs of dumbbells
1) 1 pair of lighter weight at 2 – 4kgs each
2) 1 pair of heavier weight at 5 – 7kgs each

Superset 1 (Legs, Thighs & Bums)
1) Dumbbell Squat
2) Reverse Lunge

Superset 2 (Back & Chest)
1) Dumbbell Row
2) Chest Press

Superset 3 (Arms & Shoulders)
1) Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
2) Tricep Kickback

Superset 4 (Core)
1) Dumbbell Swing
2) Russian Twist

Progress: Increase the weights, increase to 4 – 5 sets per exercise, reduce rest time between supersets. All the best! xx

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