Review: Crane Running Sock


The Crane Running Sock packs a lot in to a £2.99 price tag

£2.99 (available in Aldi from October 27th)

As a diehard Blackadder fan, I’m often
reminded of the words of wisdom of the dullard Prince George (played by a young
Hugh Laurie) when he tells his conniving butler Edmund Blackadder: “You know, Blackadder, for me socks are like sex. Tons
of it about and I never seem to get any.”

Hands up who has a running sock drawer full of odd pairs? I’m not quite sure why I lose so many single socks, but, just like the witless Prince George, I never seem to have any. Thankfully, that could be about to change: Aldi (yes Aldi) are soon-to-be unveiling a running sock – and, for a shade under £3, it’s a mighty fine addition to anyone’s sock drawer.

The sock manages to pack in a surprising amount of technology for the price. It promises to absorb impact caused during running through its Ergofoot technology as well as providing special protection in the areas that require the most cushioning. In addition, the ISODRY fabric means sweat evaporates more quickly leaving the skin comfortably dry.

Like anything, the proof is in the pudding but after a couple of runs, we’re pleased to report that this sock really does deliver: foot comfort is absolute, with the socks reducing the sense of fatigue, even over longer distances. And your feet are kept snug and dry thanks to the moisture-wicking ISODRY fabric which accelerates evaporation and reduces chaffing.

This is a hell of a sock for the price tag – I’ll certainly be queuing on October 27th at my local Aldi to get my hands (and feet) in several pairs!

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