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Weight Loss Meals
How A Fashion Model Meal Preps | My Health Diet Options For My On The Go Life, Foods That Promote Weight Loss, & My Cooking Secret To Help With Time Management | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys,

Has anyone seen the Geico commercial with the Camel screaming “Guess what day it is”? Well I want to ask the same question and I’ll also give you the answer, it’s FOOD VIDEO DAY! I hope you guys are excited because it has been a little while since I shared this type of video. So if you meal prep.. leave your favorite food emoji in the comments below and I’ll respond with mine!

Welcome back to the start of a New Year of food videos and healthy living. After reading your letters, your messages, and goals for 2019 it was apparent that you guys have healthy living and eating at the top of your resolutions. It isn’t always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially if you are always on the go. For me meal prepping is KEY! It really helps me save time, money, and prevents me from getting hungry throughout my busy day.

In this video I wanted to show you how I prepare my meals in advance and how I put my meals together. There are endless options, combinations, and you can do this with just a few ingredients. I usually do my grocery shopping on weekends so on Sunday I can spend time in the kitchen preparing everything for the week. During the week it’s so easy to grab food or make a meal in under five minutes!

Of course this isn’t all I consumer during the week, I snack a lot and I eat lots of other things too, but this really helps me stay on top of what I put into my body. I hope you guys enjoy this video. It took a lot of work, time, and love. If you guys are going to start meal prepping please share it with me in the comments, on IG, or with smoke signals!

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