Race preview: the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord


Since 2009, in Andorra during the month of July and under the full moon light, more than 3,000 runners from 70 countries have taken part in one of the five races of the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord. It’s an epic event and one that allows you to discover a country full of mountains and exceptional landscapes.

This year Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord celebrates its 11th edition and from July 16 to 21 the village of Ordino will tremble with the start of each of the races.

You can choose between five different distances that pass through all types of terrain, from the highest peaks, to mineral areas, high mountain meadows, ridges, forests, glacier ponds, technical sections … sign up for the one that best suits you and find your limits!

Eufòria (233km i 20.000m+)
This is the biggest and longest race which is run in semi-autonomous pairs. A perfect race to share with someone special where you’ll have to be united and help each other at every kilometre.

Ronda dels cims (170km i 13.500m+)
This is the stellar event, a giant route around the whole Principality of Andorra, passing across 16 peaks and passes at altitudes above 2,400m and including a visit to its highest point, Comapedrosa at an altitude of 2,942 metres, touching on the border.

Mític (112km i 9.700m+)
Starting at night under the moonlight – a truly spectacular thing – this race takes in crests with spectacular panoramic views.

Celestrail (83km i 5.000m+)
A classic 50-mile race, this is very special because it sets off at midnight lit by the full moon and the runners’ headlamps. A magic moment!

Marató dels cims (42,5km i 3.000m+)
A dream trial featuring magnificent scenery with spectacular views, a discovery of our Valls del Nord (Northern Valleys).

Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord also organises two solidarity and inclusive popular walks, the Solidaritrail (10 km) and the Tamarro (2.5 km). Each participant can make a donation when registering to benefit one of the three NGOs with whom the event collaborates: Acció Solidaria i Logística (ASL), Cooperand and the Association of People with Autism of Andorra (AUTEA). In addition, the organisation will also donate €4 for each finisher to help other NGOs that organise Solidaritrails (at the same time as in Andorra) for people in socio-economic or health difficulties.

Solidarity, effort and companionship are the pillars of this event of more than 10 years of history, where runners from more than 70 countries take part in any of the races. Come and discover the country of the Pyrenees with the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord!

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