Weight Loss Workout
​​Home workout for weight loss

If you are looking for a way to shed those extra pounds, then you’ve come to the right video. Not everyone has the time or money to go to the gym or get a personal trainer in order to help them lose weight. So, in this video, we are doing that for you. We demonstrate a fully home workout video tutorial that requires no gym equipment so that you can start exercising right away.

To start off try the following:
– Jog in place: this is a great way to start your routine with a bit of cardio to prepare your body for your workout, in order to boost your body those 30 seconds you can also march in place.
– The squat and knee raise: this exercise is perfect to strengthen your glutes, core, and remove pressure from the joints on your knees.
– The lateral crab walk: his exercise is perfect for both your legs and core. It helps strengthen your triceps, abdominal muscles and also your shoulders.
– The high knee march and front kick: This exercise strengthens the legs and triceps as well as the hip flexor. This exercise is extremely beneficial for running or fast walking.
– Jack and squat benefits: This exercise is ideal to incorporate in your cardio or when you exercise your lower body. It helps you to build more strength, improves aerobic fitness and also improves speed.
– push up and side plank step: This exercise exercises your abdominal muscles and core. It helps build strength on both your arms and core. They help you build upper body strength. In addition, you exercise your triceps and shoulders.
– The mountain climbers exercise: This exercise is one of the best exercises to incorporate into your workout routine. It helps you increase your heart-rate quit fast as well as exercising almost every muscle in your body such as triceps, biceps, chest, abdominals, hamstrings, and hips. Let’s not forget that it is one of the exercises that help you burn the most calories.

Watch out the whole video and start working out with us in order to shed those extra pounds, or if you are looking for a way to tone your body for the year, build more muscle and get the perfect healthy hourglass figure.
0:07 – Jog in place – cardio
1:10 – Lateral crab walk
1:51 – High knee march with a front kick
2:54 – Skater Plyo with reverse fly
4:08 – Mountain climbers
5:30 – Flutter kicks
6:34 – Twists
8:01 – Cross crunches
10:39 – Plie squats
11:13 – Front kicks
12:03 – Skater plyos
12:25 – Back kicks
12:57 – Leg extensions
13:53 – Mermaid crunches
14:13 – Fat burning exercises
16:10 – Couples bicycle exercise
17:17 – Furniture workout
20:31 – Full body workout

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