Try These Foods To Gain Weight | Prime Weight Gain

Try These Foods To Gain Weight | Prime Weight Gain

On the one hand someone may find it hard to gain weight but on the other hand someone else may find it hard to lose weight.

And if you want to gain weight then in this video are 5 weight gain foods that you can add to your diet.


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Weight Gain Food 1 – Wholemeal Bread

Bread is a source of carbohydrates, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

And depending on the bread you buy wholemeal bread has more fibre, vitamins, and minerals than white bread.

Other breads like wholemeal seeded breads may be higher in calories because they contain seeds such as:

• Sunflower seeds
• Linseed
• Millet seed or
• Poppy seeds

If you are having two slices of bread this will double the calorie compared to having just one slice of bread on its own.

And by having more than two slices will further increase your calorie intake

Also if you can combine bread with other calorie and nutrient dense foods such as

• Avocado
• Hummus
• Egg
• Peanut butter
• Banana
• Or tuna

This will further increase the amount of calories your are having.

Weight gain food 2 – Milk

Milk is nutrient-dense and a good source of protein, calcium which supports bone health and many vitamins and minerals.

You can have milk on it’s own and it’s a fast way to get down those calories or you can add milk to

• Granola
• Oats
• Smoothies

Weight Gain Food 3 – Wholemeal Pasta

Wholegrain pasta is the healthier alternative to white pasta. As it is higher in fibre and has more vitamins and minerals.

Pasta is a source of carbohydrates and you can add this to your diet to help you gain weight.

Here are some foods you can have with pasta to for more calories:

• Add in a high calorie pasta sauce or make your own homemade high calorie pasta sauce
• Salmon
• Pesto
• Chicken
• Or cheese

Weight Gain Food 4 – Rice

Rice is another carbohydrate rich food.

Brown rice and white rice are both high in carbohydrates

Brown rice however has more nutrients is higher in fibre, calories and antioxidants compared to white rice.

However despite this white rice also has its benefits.

If you prefer white rice over brown rice then you add in some vegetables for more nutrients. So which one you have may be down to a matter of choice or preference.

And are some foods that you pair with rice to help you increase your calorie intake include:

• Meat such as chicken
• Beans or legumes or lentils
• Fish such as salmon
• Egg
• Or you can have rice with chickpeas

Weight Gain Food 5 – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made by compressing olives, olive oil is a calorie dense food that you can add to your diet for weight gain

It is a source of healthy fats

Olive oil doesn’t have any grams of protein or carbs but what it does have is 120 calories and 13.5 grams of fat per tablespoon.

And you can easily add this to sauces, salads, frying eggs, drizzle it on food while cooking like chicken, or mashed potato for more calories.

So there you have it.

5 foods to help you gain weight.

One thing to remember is what works for you may not work for someone else. If you cannot have any of the foods mentioned due to health then there are many other alternatives. You can check them out here or see the link in the description.

Figure out what is right for you

Find the right balance and tweak it


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