10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Runner in Your Life


Little extras runners will love

Fun, useful, and under $50. These are easy little add-ons runners will love.

Bottle Bright Natural Cleaning Tablets

This stuff is seriously genius. Easy-to-use and ultra-efficient, Bottle Bright tablets dissolve in water creating tiny, effervescent bubbles that power through the stubborn stains and odors of your favorite bottles and reservoirs in only a matter of minutes, no scrubbing, rubbing or sponging required. $8 for 12 tablets, bottlebright.com

MyTagalongs Eye Mask

This soft, lightweight contoured eye mask is an essential item to add to your self care routine to get those good quality zzz’s. (And if you’re wearing on a plane, you’ll love how the contoured eye panels don’t smash your eye makeup.) $12, mytagalongs.com

Cricket Eat, Sleep, Messy Bun Hair Tin

Consider it your emergency pack: 25 black hair ties and 30 black bobby pins, so you always have what you need on hand to squeeze in an impromptu run. $9, cricket.com

Quantum Coffee Infused Energy Bars

Delicious, plant-based energy bars powered by the equivalent of an espresso shot of organic green coffee. $35 for box of 10, quantumsquares.com

Cusa Tea Premium Instant Lemon Black Tea

Made with 100 percent organic black tea and pure lemon peel, with no sugar, additives, fillers or preservatives. Perfect for a wake-me-up in the morning or an afternoon tea. Simply tear open the tea-stick, pour it into an empty 12-14oz cup, add warm or hot water, and watch your tea dissolve. You can never over-steep it; you will get a perfect cup every time. $10, cusatea.com

The Wave Tool

Designed by physical therapists and professional athletes, this compact tool combines myofascial massage surfaces and IASTM edge technology to treat myofascial pain, restrictions, and adhesions from a number of common conditions such as tendonitis, scar tissue, cellulite, adhesions, fibrosis, and muscle strain. $50, thewavetool.com

Barefoot Scientist Twinkle Toes Deodorizing Foot Spray

No need to be embarrassed about stinky feet. Clinically proven to eliminate 99.8% of the most common strains of odor-causing bacteria, this spray uses a proprietary formulation—including clinical silver, lichen extract, tea tree oil, honey and manuka oil, arrowroot powder and lavender oil—to eliminates the root causes of odor instead of relying on heavy fragrances to mask them. A touch of aloe vera leaf juice, witch hazel, and kelp extract leave your skin feeling calm and refreshed. $16, barefootscientist.com

Lululemon Basic Balm

Lululemon broke into selfceare and beauty this year—and crush it. Tested by athletes, this no-shine, long-lasting lip balm is made with rich butters and natural oils that lock in moisture to protect and soothe your lips before, during, and after a good workout. $14, lululemon.com


These should be a required accessory for all runners (especially ones who spend long days in heels or other fashionable shoes that leave your toes cramped). $37, yogatoes.com

Nuun Endurance

Because you can never give a runner too many fueling options. $24 for 12 sachets, nuunlife.com

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